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VirtualShield for Linux fails to install in Mint20

VirtualShield sign-in screen in LInux

I successfully run VirtualShield in a virtual machine running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The app auto-loads when I launch the OS.

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Is usereg.exe a Windows virus and will it infect my Mac?

Usereg.exe screenshotCustomer says, I’ve got this old Cannon scanner that I’m running in Windows XP using VirtualBox on my Mac. When I start up XP, I see something on my desktop I don’t recognize called usereg.exe. What is this file? Does it contain a virus? If not, is it safe to remove?

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Canon USB scanner doesn’t work and generates lock switch error

Encountered a strange and cryptic error message (release the lock switch, detach the I/F cable and reconnect) trying to start my Canon LiDE 80 scanner in my Virtual Box virtual machine running Windows XP Professional. I was not aware that my 10-year-old scanner was equipped with any kind of lock switch and had never come across this error message before.

Release lock switch error

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QuickBooks for Windows fails to install using CrossOver for Mac

Tried several times without success to install QuickBooks Premier 2013 for Windows in CrossOver 12 for Mac using a Windows XP bottle. Received EXEAdapter error when install aborted. Ended up installing QuickBooks in a WinXP virtual machine running in Virtual Box.

QuickBooks 2013 install error

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