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Report: Your iPhone Is Vulnerable to Hacking Even When Turned Off

Posted by: Lucas Nolan | Breitbart
May 21, 2022

Researchers have developed a method to run malware on iPhones even when the devices appear to be powered off. The Bluetooth chip in all iPhones has no way to digitally sign or encrypt the firmware it runs, researchers have now developed a method to exploit the lack of security on the chip and run malicious firmware allowing the researchers to track the iPhone’s location or run new features.

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Trend Micro CEO says Windows 7 is less secure than Vista

Those of you who run Windows on your Macs, you may be interested in reading the following ZDNet blog commentary entitled, “Out of the box, Win 7 less secure than Vista,” authored by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

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WPA encryption can be cracked in 1 minute

Just when you thought that your wireless network was safe from hackers, along comes a sobering report about the vulnerability of WPA networks that rely on the TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) algorithm for security.

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Disable JavaScript in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

If you open PDFs using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, please be advised that a default preference setting that lets JavaScript programs execute automatically poses a security risk to your Mac and should be disabled.

The following screenshot shows the JavaScript preference setting in Adobe Reader 8.


With JavaScript enabled, a maliciously-crafted PDF could wreak havoc on your Mac when it is opened by Acrobat or Reader. While you can avoid the JavaScript risk by changing your default PDF application to Preview, as noted in episode 194 of the NosillaCast podcast, Preview is not immune from its own set of security flaws.

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