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Recovering data from a Powerbook G4 with a crippled keyboard

The prospect of recovering data off of a client’s Powerbook G4 proved to be a challenging project for several reasons:

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Using Target Disk Mode and Migration Assistant under Lion

You’ve just purchased a new Mac that has Lion (OS X 10.7) installed and want to transfer your data and programs from your older, Snow Leopard computer. You connect the two machines using a standard firewire cable and start up the Snow Leopard Mac in target disk mode. Then, you open up Migration Assistant in Lion, where you struggle to decide what to do, for target disk mode no longer appears in the descriptive text.

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iBook doesn’t recognize MacPro

From today’s mail bag:

I have a iBook G4 that I’m giving away to charity. However, there are files on it that I want to transfer to my MacPro external drive. I tried a firewire connection and the G4 doesn’t recognize the MacPro. Other than using a USB thumb drive, how can I accomplish that?


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Migration Assistant not working in Panther

Today’s Mail Bag comes from another computer consultant who works on both Macs and PCs:

I ran into a problem with Target Disk Mode. My niece and her husband have a Power Mac G4 with (Mac OS X) 10.3.3. They just bought a Mac Mini with Tiger. I ran the Migration Assistant on Tiger and booted the Power PC into Target Disk Mode. The G4 drive appeared on the Tiger desktop but the ‘Continue’ button within the Migration Assistant remained greyed out so I couldn’t continue with the migration. Clicking on the drive icon caused Tiger to lock up.

What gives?   


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