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Recovering data from a Powerbook G4 with a crippled keyboard

The prospect of recovering data off of a client’s Powerbook G4 proved to be a challenging project for several reasons:

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Hard drive doesn’t mount on a PowerPC Mac

From today’s mail bag:

I have an external Seagate 7200rpm fw800 drive that is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) that I formatted on my 17″ MBP about a month ago. When I tried to connect it to my 1 GHz PowerBook today I got the dreaded error message, “There are no volumes on this drive that MacOS recognizes.”

I hooked it back up to to the MBP and it works great. Whew. The PB recognizes the Lacie drive I formatted on it about two years ago, so the fw bus is working fine. Any ideas?

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