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Upgrading your macOS without forethought could cost you money – Part 3

Apple has been waging an effective marketing campaign during the macOSX/iPhone/iPad era, enabling the firm to attain dominance in a number of categories. Their promotional ads might contain a message similar to this: “Version 99.0 of our most popular widget has been updated so you can take full advantage of the latest technologies that enable you to enjoy life to the fullest and have fun in the process.” While product upgrades certainly serve a useful purpose and I’m not opposed to them in principle, the changes should not be so dramatic that they disrupt a company’s or a person’s workflow.

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Converting mp4’s using QuickTime X

A client asked me to submit a cost estimate to produce a short video from a series of screen captures saved as mp4’s. When I attempted to convert the movies using QuickTime Pro 7, I was greeted with the following error message: “An invalid public movie atom was found in the movie.”

Invalid public movie atom error

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G-RAID Mini can’t be used by Qmaster for cluster storage

I make extensive use of bus-powered firewire drives in my day-to-day consulting and video editing work.

For instance, over the past few years I’ve been using an OWC Mercury On-The-Go drive enclosure that I’ve partitioned into a half dozen bootable volumes that enable me to install a complete operating system from scratch and perform standard troubleshooting procedures on a variety of client machines running either Tiger or Leopard.

I also use a 200 gb G-RAID Mini to store video projects and my photo and music libraries that I manage using iPhoto and iTunes.

My video editing software of choice is Final Cut Studio 2. I use Compressor to produce web videos and DVD Studio Pro assets (separate audio and video tracks) from my Final Cut sequences. Since this task is very CPU-intensive, I often let Compressor jobs run overnight and configure the program to share the workload with a second, unused computer on my network using parameters that I set in Qmaster, the distributed processing system that works in the background with Compressor.

Clustered computers are defined in the Qmaster program that Final Cut Studio installs in the Applications folder. Service activation requires designation of a shared cluster storage volume from the Qmaster pane in System Preferences.

What I discovered is that while the OWC drive can be used as cluster storage, the G-RAID Mini cannot. I also found that powered drive enclosures sold by WiebeTech were compatible with Qmaster.


In one test, I produced four different output files from a 5-minute video sequence in 32 minutes.

Compressor's time elapse dialog box

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Compressor: One or more jobs have no targets

Experiencing new troubles with Compressor when trying to output video jobs that DO have a target destination:

UPDATE: October 11, 2008
Was able to avoid this error by exporting a QuickTime version of my completed Final Cut sequence into Compressor. What I had done before that generated the error was to start the Compressor batch job via the Export menu option in FCP.

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