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CASE STUDY: Upgrading My Data Management and Backup System

What can you do when your data management and backup systems are not as efficient and effective as you would like them to be? Below is a recap of proactive steps that I took to address this problem.

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Photoshop cloning tool is broken

From today’s mail bag
The cloning tool in Photoshop CS4 appears to be broken. When I take a cloning sample, Photoshop appears to select the entire image as I move the cursor around. While I also have a copy of Photoshop CS5 installed on my Mac, I prefer the way CS4 clones. Can you help?

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Cloning a Mountain Lion installation

While there are numerous sites that describe how to create a bootable disc that will allow users to install a fresh copy of OS X 10.8, I found that it takes a little ingenuity to clone an existing 10.8 installation so that it will boot off of an external drive.

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