Report: Your iPhone Is Vulnerable to Hacking Even When Turned Off

Posted by: Lucas Nolan | Breitbart
May 21, 2022

Researchers have developed a method to run malware on iPhones even when the devices appear to be powered off. The Bluetooth chip in all iPhones has no way to digitally sign or encrypt the firmware it runs, researchers have now developed a method to exploit the lack of security on the chip and run malicious firmware allowing the researchers to track the iPhone’s location or run new features.

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Deleting iOS files on a Mac

iOS 15 fail

Recently, I was unable to complete an iOS 15 update to my iPhone, so I used the following tip to locate and delete the download file that took up over 5 gb of disk space.

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Using the Finder to rename multiple files

Files needing to be renamed at the same time

I used the following steps to instantly rename over a dozen files that I had scanned on my Mac. Give it a try!

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Your Ethernet port may still be ok even if wired Internet fails

Ethernet cable plugged into MacBook Pro

Encountered a potentially troubling situation recently when I wasn’t able to obtain a wired Ethernet connection from my MacBook Pro, while wifi worked fine. For security and stability reasons, I rely on my wired Internet connection. Fearing a major repair bill, I found the simple fix after failing to get the desired result from following standard troubleshooting techniques suggested on blog posts.

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