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VirtualShield for Linux fails to install in Mint20

VirtualShield sign-in screen in LInux

I successfully run VirtualShield in a virtual machine running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The app auto-loads when I launch the OS.

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Installing the Unofficial Service Pack 4 for Windows XP

Windows XP logo
Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP in 2014, and it is not advisable to rely upon this vintage operating system unless you have a compelling reason that offsets its inherent security risks.

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Should I upgrade my macOS to Mojave?

MacOS Mojave

With Apple having released macOS 10.14 (codename: Mojave) in late September, I found myself maintaining and running an operating system that was now two generations in arrears. Should I take the plunge to upgrade? Read on to learn the basis for my decision.

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Upgrading your macOS without forethought could cost you money – Part 3

Apple has been waging an effective marketing campaign during the macOSX/iPhone/iPad era, enabling the firm to attain dominance in a number of categories. Their promotional ads might contain a message similar to this: “Version 99.0 of our most popular widget has been updated so you can take full advantage of the latest technologies that enable you to enjoy life to the fullest and have fun in the process.” While product upgrades certainly serve a useful purpose and I’m not opposed to them in principle, the changes should not be so dramatic that they disrupt a company’s or a person’s workflow.

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