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Tested this auto login technique in Ubuntu 22.04 and it works!

For several weeks, I was having to take time to fix my Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine that would freeze either before or after I entered my password. Finally, I decided to find a way to correct the problem.

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Report: Your iPhone Is Vulnerable to Hacking Even When Turned Off

Posted by: Lucas Nolan | Breitbart
May 21, 2022

Researchers have developed a method to run malware on iPhones even when the devices appear to be powered off. The Bluetooth chip in all iPhones has no way to digitally sign or encrypt the firmware it runs, researchers have now developed a method to exploit the lack of security on the chip and run malicious firmware allowing the researchers to track the iPhone’s location or run new features.

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If you’re still burning optical discs on your Mac, read this

DVD disc

Except for producing movies that can be played back using a set top device, the DVD format has been relegated to the trash heap of technological history. Most software applications are installed from an online source, while cloud storage systems and large capacity USB thumb drives and flash memory devices have obviated the use of DVD optical discs.

Even so, what if you have a rare need to create an empty 4.6 gb disk image that you plan to fill with a few critical files and later burn onto a DVD? And let’s assume you are using a system like macOS 10.12. In this report I will describe how to do it CORRECTLY.

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Using Nextiva and Virtual Shield on a Older iPhone

Nextiva Login Screen
To record incoming business calls that originate in the United States, I maintain a Nextiva account that I opened several years ago when I set up one of my WordPress websites.

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