Deleting iOS files on a Mac

iOS 15 fail

Recently, I was unable to complete an iOS 15 update to my iPhone, so I used the following tip to locate and delete the download file that took up over 5 gb of disk space.

How to Delete iOS Files on Mac?
by Sophie Green | Tenorshare
Updated on Dec 20, 2021

Step 1: Locate iOS files on Mac. To do so, first, click the Apple button on the top left and click About this Mac. Next, click the Storage tab to view the various categories taking up storage space on your Mac. Here you will see if iOS files are taking up a significant portion of your storage space. If so, you have backups that need to be moved or deleted to make more space.

Step 2: Click the Manage button and then iOS Files in the left column. To view the local iOS backup and files that have been stored on your Mac.

Step 3: If you no longer need any of the backups, select it and click the Delete button to move it to the Trash and then Empty Trash as well.

You can also move the backup to external storage. For that click Show in Finder button and drag them to external hard drive or storage location.

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