Using the Finder to rename multiple files

Files needing to be renamed at the same time

I used the following steps to instantly rename over a dozen files that I had scanned on my Mac. Give it a try!

How to batch rename files in macOS
Malcolm Owen | Apple Insider
Jun 23, 2021

Dealing with multiple files isn’t massively different than renaming a single file, to start with, but it quickly becomes a more complex task once you’ve started.

How to batch-rename multiple files in Finder in macOS

• Within a Finder window, select the files you want to rename. You can drag the cursor to select multiple with a box, or shift-click or Command-click the files, or in the Menu, select Edit then Select All.
• With the files selected, either right-click the selected files and select Rename, or go to File then Rename in the Menu.
• Use the dialog box to rename your files.
• Once complete, click Rename.

On clicking Rename, all of the selected files will be renamed according to the settings within the Rename Finder Items dialog box.

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