Using Nextiva and Virtual Shield on a Older iPhone

Nextiva Login Screen
To record incoming business calls that originate in the United States, I maintain a Nextiva account that I opened several years ago when I set up one of my WordPress websites.

For security and privacy, I use Virtual Shield to connect all my electronic devices to the Internet via VPN. At my office, Nextiva and Virtual Shield work seamlessly and I can pick up new messages without a problem. While Nextiva offers an app for iOS devices, my iPhone 4s is too old and its OS does not support it. If I am traveling and want to log into my Nextiva account using my iPhone, I have to use a browser.

With Virtual Shield activated on my older iPhone, I receive a 502 Bad Gateway error when accessing the Nextiva login page from a browser.

Nextiva 502 Bad Gateway Error

If you are using an older iPhone like mine, temporarily disconnect Virtual Shield and you will be able to log into Nextiva on a browser using your credentials.

Virtual Shield Connect Disconnect Screen

After reviewing your phone messages in Nextiva and logging out of that system, reconnect Virtual Shield on your iPhone to reactivate your VPN.

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