What is the Internet of Things?

If you have been following the tech news even a little bit over the last few years, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things. The IoT, we’re told, is supposed to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and will fundamentally change the way we live our lives.

As figures compiled by Statista show, the growth of the IoT has been growing for the last few years and is set to skyrocket within the next year or two, with both businesses and consumers adapting smart technology on a massive scale.

Internet of Things projection-chart

You will find more statistics at Statista.

That sounds pretty cool, right? But all this does beg the question of what the Internet of Things actually is, beyond the marketing speak uttered by CEOs and the buzzword of the day on tech blogs.

To take a look how the Internet of Things works and whether it’s really going to change our lives the way so many people tell us it is, Cloudwards.net made a video which goes through some of the most important issues.

End of excerpt of Cloudwards report written by Fergus O’Sullivan
Last Updated: 14 May 2018
Click here for full report.
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3 responses to “What is the Internet of Things?

  1. not-the-admin

    US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you
    Spencer Ackerman and Sam Thielman in New York
    The Guardian
    Feb 9, 2016
    James Clapper did not name specific agency as being involved in surveillance via smart-home devices but said in congressional testimony it is a distinct possibility

  2. not-the-admin

    The New Age of Surveillance
    By Elaine McArdle
    Harvard Law Today
    May 10, 2016
    The Internet of Things, or IoT, relies on sensors embedded in a wide variety of devices and systems to make your life incredibly convenient while exchanging a stunning amount of very personal information about you via cloud computing.

  3. not-the-admin

    China’s insidious surveillance army: The internet of things
    By Kaelyn Lowmaster, Opinion Contributor
    The Hill
    Nov 21, 2017
    The conversation about China’s role in building the world of connected devices is bigger than just the threat of spying, and it starts with getting the basics right. To protect our digital privacy, we all need to be more critical consumers of connected devices and practice better cybersecurity fundamentals when it comes to getting our gadgets online.

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