Don’t fall victim to a tech support scam!

Received a phone call from a customer who described his recent experience that sounded very much like a known scam effort run out of a call center in India.

My customer sensed that his iMac became victimized by a security breach after he called an overseas phone number and authorized a support rep to remotely access his computer. Scammers are known to insert a pop-up virus infection message in the victim’s web browser that encourages the affected party to call a support center to receive the so-called ‘fix’ at a cost of a fee.


Scare and sell: Here’s how an Indian call centre cheated foreign computer owners
A tech support scam begins by planting a pop-up message in the target user’s web browser that alerts them to a so-called virus infection, employees and experts say.
Hindustan Times
May 18, 2017

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