Fix for common Final Cut Pro 7 import error

I recently encountered an error involving the use of Final Cut Pro 7 that has been discussed at great length on a multi-year forum thread posted on Creative Cow.

Dreaded File error: 1 file(s) recognized, 0 access denied, 1 unknown
Creative Cow Thread started on Oct 20, 2009

In my case, I was attempting to import 20 (1280×720) TIF files that I had created in Photoshop. After reviewing the different forum responses, I figured out that the source of my problem was that I had saved the TIFs using an incompatible compression scheme. I had used JPEG compression, and neither JPEG nor ZIP compression are acceptable to Final Cut Pro. When I re-saved the files using LZW compression, the images imported without a problem. Another option would be to save the TIF files using no compression.


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