Removing a single Windows app in CrossOver without deleting the underlying bottle

CrossOver is a commercial alternative to standard virtualization programs like Parallels and VMware that is available for Linux and the macOS that supports DirectX-based games, Microsoft Office for Windows, and other Windows applications that are normally incompatible with the host OS. Windows applications are installed on the host system in a configuration that CrossOver calls a bottle, which is a virtual Windows environment that consists of a unique C: drive. While CrossOver formally recommends that users install each Windows program in separate bottles, it is possible to configure CrossOver to include multiple applications in a single bottle (as I do).

Let’s assume that you’ve installed several Windows programs in a single bottle and you want to delete just one of the apps and leave the others alone. If you read the instructions provided on CrossOver’s support wiki, you will come across this warning: “It’s not possible to remove an application from a bottle, instead you must delete the bottle to remove the Windows programs in it.”

How to delete a Windows application or bottle
CrossOver Support

* Click the Bottles button in Crossover
* Select the bottle you wish to delete and click the – minus button in the lower-left.
• A warning message will pop-up. Choose Delete.
• The bottle will then shut down and disappear.

As it turns out, there is a simple way to delete a Windows program without removing the bottle: Simply right-click on the program you want to delete and choose Move to Trash from the drop-down menu. Afterward, empty the trash to free up disk space.

While dozens of DirectX games run fine under CrossOver, many applications and utility programs for Windows are unsupported, as they cannot access system libraries and folders that are installed in a ‘real’ PC. CrossOver maintains a compatibility database on its website to help users determine whether their Windows program has been successfully tested.

In addition to supporting Mac OS X and Linux, CrossOver is developing another version for use on Intel-based Chromebooks and Android tablets.

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