Disk Utility is less useful using Sierra 10.12 – part 2

Disk Uutility 10.12 lost features
When I am evaluating whether to upgrade my Mac’s operating system, I naturally assume that any new release will have more features and improved functionality. If you are a Mac user running a discontinued yet perfectly usable OS like Mountain Lion 10.8 and have come to rely upon Disk Utility in your arsenal of everyday tools, you may be unpleasantly surprised at the menu options that are no longer available in Sierra 10.12.

Do you ever have a need to burn disks? You won’t find that menu option in the 10.12 release of Disk Utility as you did when you ran 10.8 (see below).

Disk Uutility 10.8 burn menu option

Burn to disk using Sierra 10.12Using Sierra, you are left to burning disks by right-clicking on a file or folder in the Finder and selecting the Burn option from the drop-down menu – certainly not as intuitive or straightforward as with the 10.8 version of Disk Utility.

As I see it, this decision was driven by Apple’s push toward cloud-based backups and the elimination of SuperDrives as a hardware option in its newest machines.

Are you accustomed to using Disk Utility to restore disk volumes? That menu option is now gone in the Sierra version of the program.

Disk Utility 10.8 restore menu

Finally, have you relied upon Disk Utility to securely erase free disk space on a drive? That’s been removed, as well.

Disk Utility 10.8 erase free space options

This noticeable reduction in computer functionality triggered my recollection of a pop song that Joni Mitchell wrote and recorded many years ago called “Big Yellow Taxi.”

“Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone”

released on Joni Mitchell’s 1970 album entitled ‘Ladies of the Canyon’
© Siquomb Publishing Company

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