Updating WordPress theme fixed Add Media and Cloudinary buttons

SmallBiz ThemeOn one of my WordPress websites, I use a commercial theme called SmallBiz Dynamic (Full Width) developed by Expand2Web. After I updated my site to WordPress 4.7, I temporarily lost the ability to insert images onto a WordPress blog post. The Add Media, Add Poll, and Cloudinary (a third-party plugin) buttons stopped working after the site upgrade.

Wordpress Add Media Toolbar

What was intriguing was that I could still activate the (optional) YouTube button that appeared on the same toolbar. Moreover, the Add Media and Cloudinary buttons worked flawlessly when I clicked either of them on a WordPress page (as opposed to a post).

On my Twitter page, Cloudinary suggested a standard set of common practices to try to fix the problem. Deactivating a number of WordPress plugins – one of Cloudinary’s suggestions – didn’t help matters at all. Having upgraded the site to WordPress 4.7, I then installed the WP Downgrade plugin to see if running an earlier release would help (it didn’t).


Unlike many other themes, WordPress doesn’t automatically notify site administrators when a new version of SmallBiz Dynamic has been released for distribution. I logged onto the Expand2Web site and noticed that a later release (v2.4) than mine was available.

While the media insertion glitch was annoying to me, it did not directly affect my customers. At the same time, I did not want to lose business by taking my site offline for an extended period.

Reviewing Expand2Web’s documentation, I noticed the following comment that appeared to be related to my issue:

If you are using the latest version of WordPress and have lost the ability to edit your homepage text or use the visual text editor widget then please update your SmallBiz Theme to the latest version which is 2.4.

The issue of the non working editor is caused by an older version of the TinyMCE editor within WordPress.

An open-source program called MAMP that I use to set up websites on my local machine provided me with the means to determine whether the most recent version of the SmallBiz Dynamic theme would fix the problem. Following the recommended install procedures, I configured my test system with WordPress 4.7 and SmallBiz Dynamic 2.4. I then created a test blog post page and noticed that I was able to use the Add Media and Cloudinary buttons without a problem.

Expand2Web provides two methods for updating the SmallBiz theme. Rather than go through the time-consuming process of updating the entire theme (Option 1), I chose the second method which involves downloading the new theme and performing just the following steps:

• Replacing the older functions.php file with the 2.4 version.
• Replacing the older widgets folder with the 2.4 version.
• Clearing the browser cache before checking results.
• Updating the style.css file to reflect that version 2.4 has been installed.

Style CSS update

Both functions.php and the widgets folder can be found via the following path:

It’s very possible that other WordPress themes can be affected in this manner, and you may want to follow these steps to obtain your solution.



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December 24, 2016 · 13:45

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