Why doesn’t my Windows virtual machine recognize my USB mic?

Reader says, I want to use a USB mic on the Windows side of my MacBook Pro using Parallels. I’ve installed Audacity, and this Windows program doesn’t recognize the USB mic and record my voice. Can you help?

There’s a little step you need to take to enable your USB devices to be recognized by the Windows (Parallels) side of your Mac. With Parallels running, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Devices -> External Devices -> (name of your mic). Make sure there’s a check mark next to your selection. If you don’t do this step, Parallels will assume you want to use the mic on the Mac side of your computer.

USB Mic Connected to Parallels

Afterward, check the Sound and Audio settings in both your Windows Control Panel and Audacity to verify that your voice can be recorded using the attached USB microphone. The screenshots provided below are from Windows XP and equivalent views can be found on later Windows operating systems.

Sound and Audio Device Properties

Audacity Sound Input Settings


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