Another fix to the ScanGear CS release lock switch error

Release lock switch error

Imagine that you resolved a computer problem a couple of years ago and your equipment was working fine until, very recently, you discovered the same issue had resurfaced. Moreover, you apply the same steps that worked previously and, to your dismay, learn that they don’t fix the problem. Such was the case with my 12-year-old CanoLiDE 80 scanner that I’d been successfully using to digitize photos and documents on a Windows XP virtual machine.

Clicking the scan button triggered the familiar popup error message, which read: “Release the lock switch, detach the I/F cable and reconnect. Scanner driver will be closed. Code : 2179,0.”

What could be source of the problem? I hadn’t changed or corrupted my Windows virtual machine configuration that runs under Parallels Desktop.

In 2014, I described how I previously fixed this problem in a blog post entitled, “Canon USB scanner doesn’t work and generates lock switch error.”

Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable and restarting Parallels didn’t change the outcome. I tried running a recent backup copy of my virtual machine that is stored on an external SSD drive and that didn’t help, either. Installing a fresh copy of the scanner and Twain drivers failed to get rid of the popup message. I installed the drivers in CrossOver, but the program wouldn’t recognize the scanner that was connected to the USB port. I checked the underside of the scanner and the switch was definitely in the unlocked position. I flipped the switch back and forth and tried yet again to scan in Windows XP. No joy.

In turned out that the solution was devilishly and surprisingly simple. The CanoScan software includes two scan buttons: Scan-1 and Scan-2. Mine was previously set to use Scan-2. I pressed the Scan-1 button and was able to resume with my scanning project.

CanoScan toolbox dialog window

Motto: If it’s not broken, why do you need to buy a new system?



August 18, 2016 · 13:07

3 responses to “Another fix to the ScanGear CS release lock switch error

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  2. not-the-admin

    Another option that seems to work if you’re running Windows on a Mac via a virtual machine: Get a licensed copy of VueScan to run on the Mac. Scan a few images or files using VueScan. Afterward, switch over to Windows running on the virtual machine and try to see if the lock switch error has disappeared.

  3. not-the-admin

    Here’s another option: Install a later version of the ScanGear software, such as v.4.9 and attempt a calibration, which will ultimately fail. However, by doing so, you may be able to reset the original configuration file for your older software which enables the lock switch error to go away.

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