Help! I want to use Google Chrome after deleting my Safari cookies

Reader says, I cleared all my browser cookies the other day and there are some web sites I cannot access. It says “Safari failed to open page.” If I set Google Chrome as my default will I lose my other web sites? Will I have to reset all my passwords?

My response

Each web browser saves its own set of cookies, passwords, and bookmarks independently of another browser. For instance, Firefox stores this information in a different folder location on your Mac than either Safari or Chrome. If your login credentials have been deleted from Safari, then you will have to reenter them on each site that you visit in the future.

While you can use the following instructions that I found on the Internet to import your existing bookmarks and website passwords if you were previously using Firefox, you are limited to importing Safari bookmarks into Chrome using this tool, as noted in this screenshot.

Chrome import bookmark settings

Import settings from another browser
Chrome Help

When you first download Google Chrome from, your personal data — like your browsing history and homepage — is automatically imported from your default browser into Google Chrome. If you want to import additional settings (like bookmarks, search engines, and saved passwords) or settings from another browser, follow these steps:

• Close any other browsers that are open.
• Open Google Chrome.
• Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
• Select Bookmarks.
• Click Import bookmark and settings.
• In the “Import bookmarks and settings” dialog that appears, select the application that contains the settings you’d like to import.
• Click Import.

If you already have bookmarks in Chrome, the imported bookmarks appear in the “Other bookmarks” folder at the end of the bookmarks bar. Want to import bookmarks from another application that’s not listed? Use the bookmark manager.


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