Tweet button greyed out? Try this simple fix

If you use Twitter and suddenly discover that you cannot tweet because the button has been disabled, don’t despair! Read on to try this simple fix.

Greyed out Tweet button

Greyed out Tweet button

A simple remedy you can use to fix a greyed out tweet button is to delete all the cookies that your browser has stored on your computer. Deleting cookies varies from browser to browser, but generally follows a similar procedure.

For instance, if you use Firefox, select the Preferences menu, then choose the Privacy option from the sidebar. Under the History heading, select “Use custom settings for history” from the drop down menu. From there, click the Show Cookies button. In the Search window, enter twitter, then highlight only those entries that specifically say (avoid the others). Click the Remove Selected button at the bottom of the window.

In Chrome, select the Preferences menu, then click the “Show advanced settings” link located near the bottom of the browser window. Under the Privacy heading, click the Content settings button to bring up a dialog box. In Content settings, click the “All cookies and site data” button located under the Cookies heading at the top of the window. In the Search cookies window, enter You should see a display showing the number of twitter cookies stored locally on your computer. Highlight the entry using your mouse, then click the Remove all shown button.

Cookies deletion menu in Google Chrome

Cookies deletion menu in Google Chrome

That’s it! Try logging into Twitter again and verify whether that fixed the problem.

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20 responses to “Tweet button greyed out? Try this simple fix

  1. Renee

    But what if this is happening on your mobile phone ? How do you remedy the problem?

    • admin

      Renee, try deleting the Twitter app on your phone, then reinstall and reconfigure it with your account settings. This idea apparently worked for one individual.

      How do I access the grayed out Twitter mobile notification options within Twitter app on iPhone? (Quora)

  2. This is still the solution as of April 2017. Thank you

    • admin

      Country withheld content | Twitter Help Center

      If you see a grayed-out Tweet in your timeline or on another user’s account, it means that access to that Tweet has been withheld in your country. Similarly, if you see a grayed-out user in your timeline or elsewhere on Twitter, access to that particular account has been withheld in your country.

  3. Emma

    Hi there, I tried that but it hasn’t worked yet. the search under ‘’ also brought up ‘’ and ‘’ – should I remove these too? thanks

    • admin and are what are known as browser cookies. These cookies are recreated or updated when you log back into a particular web site like Twitter. Some cookies expire when you close your browser, while others are saved on your computer. The known risk to deleting a cookie is that you may, in some cases, have to re-enter your username and password for certain sites that require your identify. You may also lose specific display settings on websites. For instance, you may have chosen a font size or you may have customized certain elements on a site, such as a theme. You’ll have to recreate those settings when you revisit the website.

      If I were to make an educated guess, I would venture to say that the second cookie ( is more likely to be the source of the problem rather than the first one, so deleting that cookie could fix things. However, I don’t know for sure. I would test the process by deleting only the cookie and then try running Twitter again. If that doesn’t get rid of the greyed out Tweet button, then delete the and try again.

  4. The suggested fixes don’t work for Safari on iPad.

  5. Adamius

    Everybody told me I should try Twitter. “It’s easy and fun!” I did a few tweets and after having the app for a few months, the tweet button is perma-grayed out on my ipad. This app SUUUUUUUUCKS…

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