ClamXav is no longer free, so I switched to Avast

Bye Bye to ClamXavAfter years of being supported as donation-ware, ClamXav recently started charging US customers a license fee of $29.95 to use its venerable anti-virus program for the Mac.

Since I have had several years’ experience running Avast’s anti-virus software for Windows, I decided to uninstall ClamXav and switch to that developer’s Mac release, which is free. Other antivirus options include Bitdefender and Sophos.


ClamXav developer starts charging for his Mac OS X antivirus software
by Jordan Novet
VentureBeat | Security
June 26, 2015



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2 responses to “ClamXav is no longer free, so I switched to Avast

  1. Oscar Jaeger

    If you Google “Bitdefender complaints” you will find a ton of them. I can tell you from my own experience that Bitdefender, including Avantage with which it is associated, is a completely mismanaged company. So I think you should delete your recommendation of Bitdefender as an alternative to ClamXav. There is another reason to omit, or at least qualify, your recommendation: Bitdefender does not work for Mac Snow Leopard, while ClamXav does.

    • admin

      Thank you, Oscar, for your feedback about user complaints concerning Bitdefender. If you read my blog post again, you will note that I did not specifically recommend Bitdefender – I only stated that it was an option to consider instead of ClamXav.

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