Yosemite keeps asking customer to install Java even after a restart

To view web content, install Java RuntimeCustomer writes: I upgraded my OS recently and am now getting this attached popup. It asks me to download Java for Mac OS X here, which I then do. I restarted my computer [but] the popup continues to appear throughout the day. Is there anything you can suggest I do to stop this message (To view this web content, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment) from appearing?

My response
It sounds like you upgraded your Mac to Yosemite (OS X 10.10). Others have posted on the Apple Support Communities website that they have been frustrated by seeing this same Java error message. The fix is to download a different Java installer that is available from the Apple website. The link is provided below.



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One response to “Yosemite keeps asking customer to install Java even after a restart

  1. William

    I have dwnloaded both the one referenced when I click on more info and I just downloaded the one from Apple but I still get the error and when I try to test Java, I get the options to click on Later, Block and Update. Update only takes me to the Java site which I already tried. I just clicked on Block so Java doesn’t run and If I get to a site that wants Java, I just stop using that site. It is a pain the butt with all these updates that don’t work. Adobe Flash is the same. Always coming out and wants to update. I really hate these Apps/Tweaks/Extensions or whatever you want to call them.
    I’ve been working with computers since 1970. I’ve tested almost every OS that exists or has existed and the stuff out today really has room for improvement. Whatever happened to Usability Tests? Don’t the people who make these Apps ever test there stuff at all? It isn’t that difficult to setup Virtual Machines with the OSes that the App should run on and test the install and see that it works. Not really rock science!!

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