Sometimes it helps to revert to an earlier software version

Man pulling his hair outIf you’ve been using the self-hosted version of WordPress for the past few years and have periodically upgraded the software program as new versions became available, you may have at one time or another encountered a rather aggravating error message that prevents you from saving posts or pages that you’re trying to edit.

“Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case.”

This error message recently appeared on my test configuration of WordPress 4.0 that I run locally on my Mac using MAMP. During my online research, I found a number of fellow posters on the community blog who complained about this very issue. The way I fixed the problem on my Mac was deceptively easy, once I learned which version of WordPress was the culprit.

In essence, the problem can affect WordPress users running version 3.6 or later due to an apparent bug in the program that involves the auto-save feature. In my case, I happened to have an zip archive of the WordPress 3.5.2 installer. Following the usual steps for installing WordPress manually, I downgraded my WordPress setup from 4.0 to 3.5.2 and the problem went away.


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