Canon USB scanner doesn’t work and generates lock switch error

Encountered a strange and cryptic error message (release the lock switch, detach the I/F cable and reconnect) trying to start my Canon LiDE 80 scanner in my Virtual Box virtual machine running Windows XP Professional. I was not aware that my 10-year-old scanner was equipped with any kind of lock switch and had never come across this error message before.

Release lock switch error

I checked the scanner settings and noticed that the software recognized the device and that it was properly connected via USB on the Windows side of the computer. Exiting the scanner software and reopening it again only served to replicate the same popup error. I thought I might have to reinstall the scanner software, but elected not to at the last minute. Instead, I completely shut down my XP virtual machine, temporarily removed (and then reinserted) the USB cable to the scanner, and then restarted Windows. By doing so, the error message went away and the scanner worked normally.


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