Connecting an iPad to a hidden wifi network

Customer writes: We just bought an iPad (wireless only). Problem is, our Airport router is not recognized by the iPad. I think that the problem is because we made our router invisible to all within its local reach, except for our old iMac computer running 10.4.11. How do we get our Airport to recognize our new iPad?

System Preferences1. Open System Preferences.
2. Click the Network icon to open the Network Preference pane.
3. Look for and click on the AirPort listing located in the left sidebar.
4. Check to see if there is a (wireless) Network Name in the drop-down menu that’s associated with AirPort. If so, that is the name of your wireless network that you would use to connect the iPad.
5. Does the network name give you a clue what your password is? If so, enter the wireless network name and password in the configuration screen of your iPad.

If you don’t remember your wireless password, there is a way to obtain this information.

6. From the desktop screen of your iMac, select Go > Utilities from the top menu bar.
7. In the Finder window that appears, look for and open the utility application called Keychain Access.
8. In the Search window in the upper right corner, enter the name of your wireless network, then press the Return key.
9. You should see a match in the main Keychain Access window. Double (or single) click the entry to view. You should see a dialog box near the bottom with the subheading “Show password.” Place an ‘x’ in the checkbox and then enter your computer (iMac) password when prompted. Afterward, click the OK button to reveal the wireless network password.


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