Running AccountEdge Network Edition as standalone

From today’s mail bag
Our office wants to dedicate a workstation to AccountEdge Network Edition 2011 and remove the software and FileConnect conduit from our server. I asked our sysadmin to stop running FileConnect 2011 on the server, which she did. However, when I try to activate FileConnect on the client, I get an error message that the installed version (15.0.2) is less than the server copy (15.0.14). I went online and noted instructions on AccountEdge’s Support Site about uninstalling and reinstalling FileConnect, but that seems way too cumbersome and unnecessary. Can you help?

Yes, there is a easy solution that doesn’t require going through the FileConnect reinstallation process.

Ask your sysadmin to provide you with a copy of the FileConnect application that’s located in the server’s /Library/Application Support/Acclivity folder. Place that file temporarily in a convenient location like your desktop. Rename the current copy of to something like (or move it to the Trash). You will need to enter an admin name and password to rename or trash this file. Next, move the 15.0.14 version of FileConnect to the Acclivity folder. Again, you will need to enter a valid admin name and password to move the application.

AccountEdge Preference Pane Launch the AccountEdge pane in System Preferences and then start FileConnect from the client. If you can open AccountEdge, then you’re all set and can tell your sysadmin to remove the app and FileConnect from the server.


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