Photoshop cloning tool is broken

From today’s mail bag
The cloning tool in Photoshop CS4 appears to be broken. When I take a cloning sample, Photoshop appears to select the entire image as I move the cursor around. While I also have a copy of Photoshop CS5 installed on my Mac, I prefer the way CS4 clones. Can you help?

While I am a long-time and active Photoshop user, my tool of choice is CS3 rather than CS4 or 5. When troubleshooting an app such as Photoshop, I’ll usually test to see how it functions using another user account. If it runs as
expected, then I’ll assume the problem is being caused by a corrupt preference file or setting located in the user’s Library folder. I’ll often drag (but not trash) the suspected file out of the Preferences folder and try running the app again to see if the problem goes away. In some cases, I may have to reenter the product serial number and/or key in order to restore normal operation.

User tip: How to reset Photoshop preferences (In Windows and Mac)
Photoshop Gurus Community Forum
“On a Mac, hold Command+Option+Shift while starting Photoshop to delete the preferences.”



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2 responses to “Photoshop cloning tool is broken

  1. You can create individual user accounts for each person who uses your computer. Each new user has a separate home folder and can adjust his or her own preferences without affecting other users. 1) Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Accounts.

  2. With the Grayscale Working Space we have access to two gamma settings, a series of five preset dot gain curves, the ColorSync Gray Work Space (Mac only) and the ability to customise the dot gain to our own requirements. The Gray Gamma 2.2 is probably the best for most users, but feel free to experiment.

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