Configuring HP Envy 120 for wifi printing

Client asked me to set up his family’s HP Envy 120 All-In-One as a wireless printer to work with their Macs and iPhones. Initially, the printer wouldn’t recognize the wireless network (an AirPort Extreme) until I made a simple configuration change.

I originally set up my client’s AirPort router as a closed (hidden) system so the wireless network couldn’t be seen by neighbors. After failing several times to try to get the Envy’s control panel to accept the SSID and password, I decided to deactivate the closed setting in the AirPort configuration screen that so that the wireless network could be seen publicly. Doing so allowed the printer to see and connect to the wireless network for the first time. After successfully running off a few test prints, I went back into the AirPort Utility to close the network. I checked the printer again, and it still maintained its connection to the wireless network.


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  1. Very good printer overall. I just need to warn people…at least people with a mac…that the wireless setup is very tricky. Samsungs instructions don’t work and the mac software and drivers on the disc also do not work.What I did was I connected an ethernet cord from the computer to the printer and then used the IP setup software on the disc to locate the printer (I had to disconnect from all wireless networks to ensure I didn’t confuse the setup).You can get your computer’s IP address in the Network tab of System Preferences. Using the IP setup software on the Samsung disc, select the printer and click the button to change settings (it looks like a gear). Change the IP address of the printer to that of your computer but change the last digit to something else( Ex: if the mac’s ip is, change the printer’s to Once that is done, make the subnet mask identical to that of your mac (subnet is also in system prefs) and save the settings. Your printer will print out a confirmation page. Then, with the ethernet cord still attached, type in the printer’s new ip address in Safari. You will then be able to access the printer’s internal webpage.Once at the website, click the Network Configuration on the left (mine is in French so the English may be a bit different). Then under that subheading, click TCP/IP. Then in what shows up, you need to change the printer from having a static IP address to using DHCP. Once you do that and save your settings, you should be able to print wirelessly using the ad hoc setting (meaning the computer has a direct wifi connection with the printer) once you connect to the “airportthru” network with your Airport card.If you want the printer available on your home network, go back into the printer settings and select your network and enter your password. The printer will connect to your home network.I hope this works for you guys. It worked for me and Samsung makes great products but has lousy support.

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