System restarts, but YouTube plays in background

Here’s a new error that I experienced recently on my Snow Leopard laptop: I’m playing a YouTube video in Firefox, then suddenly the blue screen of death appears and I’m presented with a login screen. Meanwhile, the audio track associated with the video continues to play in the background.

After logging back in, I try to launch Firefox and am prevented from doing so because OS X says another copy is already running. I check Activity Monitor and the utility confirms that another instance of Firefox is active in memory.

Firefox process running in Activity Monitor

Opening Console I scroll the log until I see the following message:

1/19/13 3:10:24 PM [0x0-0x22d22d].org.mozilla.firefox error: collusion: An exception occurred.

I resign myself to force quit Firefox and restart the video from the beginning. Afterward, I chalk this experience up to just another one of those mysterious bugs that occurs every now and then.



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2 responses to “System restarts, but YouTube plays in background

  1. admin

    Looks like a corrupted font cache could be the source.
    Finder Restarting
    Apple Support Communities
    May 8, 2012

  2. admin

    On further review, conflict with the Collusion extension for Firefox appears to be the culprit for the spontaneous reboot issue. By disabling Collusion in Firefox, the problem has disappeared.

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