Where’d the Create Version menu go in iTunes 11?

If you’re like me, you get used to how a software application works and wonder what the developers were thinking when they arbitrarily decide to make a radical change to the user interface. iTunes 11 is no different.

I often convert raw audio files into MP3 podcasts and CD tracks into AAC files. Through iTunes 10, I ran iTunes’ conversion tool from the Advanced menu. In iTunes 11, which was just released, the developers removed the Advanced menu from the program. Where did it go? An extensive search revealed that the conversion function was moved into the File menu.

iTunes create a new version



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4 responses to “Where’d the Create Version menu go in iTunes 11?

  1. Mirko Schieder

    The field is constantly greyed out in version 11.01.
    Any ideas?

    • admin

      Mirko, while I haven’t seen this behavior in 11.01, I’d start by checking your Import Settings under the iTunes General Preferences menu. Mine is set to convert files to AAC format, so that is the only option that I see in the Create New Version drop-down menu.

  2. nic

    I have my Import Settings set to convert files to AAC format, yet I can’t choose that option when I go to Create New Version. It was JUST working but then I went and did an update… grrr…

  3. I had this issue. I checked the import settings and changed it from AAC to MP3 and now MP3 shows up as an option under ‘Create new version’ again. Thank you.

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