Migrating from Yahoo Mail to Gmail

From today’s mail bag:

I want to move selected message folders from my Yahoo Mail account to my new Gmail account. I’ve been receiving tons of spam in Yahoo Mail, which is the main reason I want to close the account and use another mail system. While Gmail’s administrative tools enabled me to transfer most of my contacts, it didn’t do a decent job with my messages, particularly those that I categorized into individual folders. Forwarding individual messages to myself is much too tedious and time-consuming. Is there a way that I can accomplish this easily?

A simple and efficient way to accomplish the transfer that doesn’t require purchase of a conversion program is to use Apple Mail as a bridge between the two email systems. In Apple Mail, follow the standard procedure for adding mail accounts:

With Apple Mail running, select Mail from the menu bar, then Preferences. In Mail Preferences, click the Accounts icon (look for the @ icon), then click the + button near the bottom left corner to begin the process of adding accounts. Create separate accounts for both Yahoo Mail and Gmail, entering your username and password credentials. Wait for their respective folders to appear on your screen.

Once your account information for Yahoo Mail and Gmail appear in the Apple Mail sidebar, you can copy messages by clicking and dragging a folder from one system to the other. If you want to copy more than one folder at a time, hold down the Command key ( or ⌘) while you select your folders, then drag them over to the other system.

Once you’re done transferring message folders, go back into Mail Preferences and delete the Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts from the list.


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