Having a video shoot backup plan

In our modern world of smart phones, HD camcorders, and digital SLRs, it seems quaint to shoot a video using a tape-based miniDV camcorder. Last night I shot an indoor music video that I lit with a portable system that I mounted on the hotshoe of my 10-year-old camcorder. I had the foresight to bring along an extra piece of equipment that saved me from aborting the project in mid-stream.

The piece of equipment that “saved my bacon” was a fully-charged backup battery. For reasons unknown, my camcorder’s 7-hour battery fully discharged itself after only 20 minutes of use. In between songs, I swapped out the dead battery and replaced it with the backup so I could finish the shoot without a hitch.

Below is a link to the YouTube version of one of dance sequences that I filmed.

Techno Contra “Mad Robin” featuring FIRECLOUD and dance caller


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