Why doesn’t my Epson printer work on my PPC Mac?

From today’s mail bag:

I’m setting up an Epson Artisan 810 on my wife’s PPC iMac running 10.5.8. I’ve got the printer connected via USB and it’s also set up on the home network. While I can ping it from my wife’s computer, when I go to print from Pages (she doesn’t have Office), nothing happens. When I look at the print queue, it says it’s looking for Epson Artisan 810 @Karma II, which is a Mac I no longer own. I think I have to change the queue so it doesn’t point to Karma II any longer but I don’t know how.

My first recommendation was to ask my client to reset the printer system by holding the Option key on the remove printer (“-“) button in Print and Fax Preferences and manually add back all printers and scanners afterward.


After performing this step, my customer replied that resetting the printer system didn’t help. I then asked if his wife’s Mac was using the latest printer drivers from Epson and suggested that he install the Gimp drivers for Mac OS X.


Subsequently, I received another email that my client had misidentified the printer model, which was actually the Epson RX680 and not the Artisan 810. After downloading and installing the correct drivers, my client was able to get the printer to work with his wife’s iMac as well as his new mac mini.



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2 responses to “Why doesn’t my Epson printer work on my PPC Mac?

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  2. Thanks for the info

    Excellent both solutions, sometimes just simply install printer drivers works fine. But resetting the printer Work, as you you recommended.


    Recommended your article

    May be interested in :: Download Driver for Epson C45

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