Fix for missing Mail folder messages

From today’s mail bag:

Something’s gone wrong with my Apple Mail program. When I try and view my folders, nothing shows up. I know many of my emails reside in my custom folders as I see numbers next to them. However, when I click on the folders, I don’t see my messages. I need to access my archived emails asap. Any suggestions?

Mail folder hierarchy

In Mail, select the folders with missing messages and select Mailbox > Rebuild.

Rebuild Mail folders



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26 responses to “Fix for missing Mail folder messages

  1. Kimberee

    Thank You, checking and unchecking the ‘Enable” brought all my folders back!!! Yippee!

  2. Scott H.

    I had a folder full of messages where I could see the subjects/dates/sizes etc. but as soon as I clicked on one, the contents were empty. I tried Rebuild… instead if bringing back the missing messages, it completely deleted them (i.e. now even the list of them is gone). So use Rebuild with caution!

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback – it’s unfortunate that menu functions don’t alway complete smoothly or as expected. Doing regular backups using a tool like Time Machine may help when issues like this happen unexpectedly.

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