Getting iCloud mail working in Tiger

Consulted a customer who owns a mixture of old (iMac G5) and new (iPad) technology. On his iPad he is able to view both his work email and personal iCloud (formerly MobileMe) messages. He wanted help in figuring out how he could view the same iCloud email on his iMac. That’s where I stepped into the picture.

The first thing I tried was to see if my customer could log into his iCloud account from the Tiger-supported version of Safari. iCloud responded with an error message that he was trying to access the site using an unsupported browser. He encountered the same error message when he tried to access the site using the last version (3.6.28) of Firefox supported under 10.4.

At this point, I focused my efforts at configuring his iCloud account using Apple Mail. Despite the age of the computer, had never been set up on the iMac. Because my client’s email address was already configured for iCloud, I wasn’t able to set it up as a .Mac account in Apple Mail. As a result, I was left to see if I could configure it manually as an IMAP account.

During my online research, I noticed many folks had posed the same question:

Set up iCloud with Mail 2.1.3?
Apple Support Communities
Nov. 17, 2011

Noting the various mail server settings suggested in the above thread, I tried several combinations, and the one that worked for my client was to enter the following:


Once those two mail server entries were in place, my customer could start using Apple Mail to view the same iCloud messages that he could see on his iPad.


In addition to configuring iCloud on the desktop so my customer could send and receive messages using Apple Mail, I attempted to see if I could help him print directly from his iPad to the HP inkjet printer attached via USB cable to his iMac.

I tested AirPrint, Printopia, and a couple of other utilities I found on the web. None worked. The iPad could not see the attached printer even though it logged into the same wireless network. It appears that the reason it failed was because the printer wasn’t supported.

No AirPrint printers found



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2 responses to “Getting iCloud mail working in Tiger

  1. admin

    Ran test on my office network where I installed Airprint Activator v2 on my server which was attached to an HP Deskjet printer. With the printer configured with the Foomatic driver, Airprint Activator could not see the printer and I could not print from my iPhone. However, when I configured Print&Fax preferences to use the standard HP driver, Airprint Activator was able to see the printer.

  2. Jim

    Thank you so much for sharing this solution. I had the exact problem with my old Mac using 2.1.3 mail and my iPhone. This solved the old mac/mail issue instantly.

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