Importing/Exporting WordPress links

WordPress includes an easy-to-use tool for importing and exporting pages, posts, and comments between two different WordPress installations. Migrating WordPress links to another system is equally doable with the help of a WordPress plugin. Follow along to learn how to complete the task.

WordPress’ support page provides most of the basics: Generate and save a file called wp-links-opml.php that’s associated with the WordPress site that you want to export from and import that same file into your target site. As shown in the screenshot below, you are able to display the contents of this file by appending “wp-links-opml.php” to the end of your WordPress home page URL that’s visible in the browser location window.

save as wp-links-opml.php

From your browser, select File » Save Page As (or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘S) to save the wp-links-opml.php export file to a convenient location like your Desktop or Downloads folder.

Once you’ve saved the export file, open your target WordPress system and enter its administrative section. Next, select Plugins » Installed Plugins in the sidebar menu to review the list of installed plugins. If Import Blogroll With Categories is not listed, then install this plugin by clicking the Add New button and completing the screen prompts on the subsequent screens.

Activate the Import Blogroll With Categories plugin, then open the Tools menu in the sidebar. Select Import » Blogroll.

Import Blogroll menu

In the “Import your blogroll” window, click the Browse button and navigate to your wp-links-opml.php file, then click the “Import OPML file” button to complete the import.

Import Your Blogroll



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2 responses to “Importing/Exporting WordPress links

  1. Ciprian

    Ok, but how do you keep the link target, the link images, etc?

    • admin

      Hi Ciprian, I’m currently immersed in a time-sensitive work project and won’t be able to address your question for several days or even a week or two. In the meantime, perhaps another reader can chime in and provide an answer.

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