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I need someone familiar with WordPress. I purchased a domain (xyz.org) through WordPress and would like it to point to xyz.wordpress.com. However, it keeps pointing to a second domain that was taken out on the same account. I have sent them an email but I have had no response. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?

I’ve used WordPress to create blogs and online store websites for the last 5 years. I set up a redirect page that forwards all access to my business home page to my WordPress blog. It’s not pretty but it works for me. The only thing I had to do was create another index file on the server that hosts my business domain. See sample code below that was adapted from text published on the Montgomery County Public Schools website.

How to Create a Redirect

The webmaster creates a page with the same name as the old page that has been moved. On that page, the webmasters inserts the code that points to the new page.

Sample Redirect

Assume the old home page was named index.html and that the new page is now named index.shtm. Make a new page for the redirect named index.html (same as the old page name.) For the non-techies among us, just use the redirect code (later on this page), changing the links and names to your school/office URL Web address.

The Redirect Code

<title>This page has moved…</title>
<meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”5; URL=http://mydomain.wordpress.com/”>

<body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”>
<p><font size=”5″><b>The XYZ site has moved to</b></font></p>
<p><font size=”5″><b><a href=”http://mydomain.wordpress.com/”&gt;
<p>Please update your links to reflect this change.<br>
If you are not automatically redirected to the new page, please click the link
above. </p>


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