How do I add a new folder on my MacBook Air?

From today’s mail bag:

I’m looking to create a new folder on my MacBook Air. I can’t seem to find an option or function. Can you help?

If you don’t see or know how to access the New Folder option listed under the Finder’s File menu, you can use the standard shortcut, which is to press the Command/Apple, Shift, and N keys simultaneously. This shortcut can be used on all Macs, not just a MacBook Air.



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4 responses to “How do I add a new folder on my MacBook Air?

  1. Zoom

    I wish I knew. Dear Mac – if it’s not intuitive, it should be. Looking forward to going back to PC with it’s writing simplicity and wonderful backspace button.

    back to trudging on to find out the code for making a new folder then.

  2. kay schroeder

    Create a New Personal Folder in email

    Press and Hold “CONTROL” key while you Right Click on any existing personal folder.
    A menu will come up. Select “NEW MAILBOX”. Under the “Location” pulldown menu, select “Yahoo” which is at the top of all of the personal folders. In the “Name” field: enter your desired folder name. The folder name will be put into alphabetical order on the folders list.
    also works to rename a folder.

  3. It’s not working- folder doesn’t show up

  4. admin

    Linda, did you try Kay Schroeder’s instructions that called for holding the Control key down while your click on an existing email folder? A drop down menu should appear that includes an option at the top called New Mailbox. Do you see a section in the sidebar of your Apple Mail account that’s labeled On My Mac? See if your created folder appears there.

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