iPhone doesn’t recognize Gmail username or password

The other day, a client of mine encountered a nagging problem involving her iPhone that took a little while to resolve. Her iPhone kept rejecting her Gmail user name and password, saying that one or the other was incorrect.

Various forums talked about unlocking a Google captcha or reentering the email account information, but neither of these tips worked.

Turned out the email verification problem was caused by my client having Google’s 2-Step Verification turned on. Deactivating this setting, as suggested on the MacRumors forum, enabled her Gmail account to authenticate properly on her iPhone.



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3 responses to “iPhone doesn’t recognize Gmail username or password

  1. I’m experiencing this issue with my iPod Touch and do not have 2 step verification on so it seems to be another issue than what is presented in this article.

  2. Virginia

    Excellent! Just happened to me and you provided an instant solution–Many Thanks!

  3. Turning off 2 Step Verification worked for me, too. However, in the past this wasn’t an issue, only recently, so I am still confused about what changed and worried there may be another issue lurking in my iPhone 5c somewhere!

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