Using Dolly Drive as a cloud backup system

From today’s mail bag:

Q. If I’m backing up my office computer to my external hard drive using Time Machine and I’m also an iCloud subscriber, why do I need to consider Dolly Drive’s online backup system?

You are currently getting the benefit and piece of mind that your data is being backed up regularly using Time Machine. That’s a good thing. Your backup storage system, however, is an external hard drive that’s at risk from natural disasters or theft. Also, you can’t run Time Machine when you’re on the road unless you take the hard drive with you. With Dolly Drive, you can back up to the invisible “cloud” using Time Machine. In other words, you receive the flexibility and benefit of being able to make a Time Machine backup of your data wherever you go, without needing to carry an external storage device.

Some Mac users confuse the new iCloud backup function from Apple with Dolly Drive. However, they’re not identical. For example, iCloud isn’t designed to back up subtle changes to your entire system (e.g., deleted music from your iTunes library or documents that don’t comply with iCloud specs). A full explanation of exceptions is provided at the following link.

iCloud and online backup: What is the difference?
Posted on June 7, 2011 by leigh

Between now and year-end, Dolly Drive is offering 15% off on their subscription plans. Use the special code IMETDOLLY to take advantage of the discount.

Click here to purchase a Dolly Drive license.


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