Overlay scroll bars: My biggest complaint concerning Lion (OS X 10.7)

One reason I’m not hurrying to upgrade to Lion is its new user interface, particularly the overlay scroll bars that disappear when not in use.

I am a fan of the user interface design guidelines that Apple pioneered with the first Macs in the mid-to-late 1980s, where developers tried to make it as clear as possible what each button and function did. As a computer user who relies on a mouse for navigation, I prefer the warm-and-fuzzy feeling that visible scroll bars provide, as in this example in OS X 10.6.

What do you think? If you’ve upgraded to 10.7, do you like or hate the new overlay scroll bars?



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5 responses to “Overlay scroll bars: My biggest complaint concerning Lion (OS X 10.7)

  1. admin

    Simple fix for scroll bar issue:

    In System Preferences, open the General tab and choose the “Always” radio button next to Show scroll bars.

    Always Show Scroll Bars in Mac OS X Lion

  2. HCL

    I just upgraded to Lion and set the preferences so that the scroll bars display whether in use or not. The scroll bar problem I have is the faint, gray, thin appearance of the scroll bars.

    I prefer the bright blue, significant scroll bars that I had prior to the Lion download as shown above in the second image. An Apple rep told me that the color and width of the scroll bars cannot be changed in Lion and that the pre-Lion look is no longer available. Is there a work-around so that scroll bars that are easier to see are available? Is there an App to override this?

  3. admin

    Did an extensive amount of checking on the Internet and couldn’t find a third-party program or hack that would restore the blue scroll bars found in earlier versions of OS X. The grey look is designed to mimic the user interface found in iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and unless Apple offers to provide the option to restore the old look in a future software update, it looks like we’re stuck with the thin, grey scroll bars in Lion.

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