Preventing Word 2011 from auto-correcting

From today’s mail bag:

Word 2011 keeps changing/auto-correcting the name of one of my clients. I looked everywhere in the Word Preferences and cannot find a place to not correct this one word. I do want to keep Word’s auto-correct feature as it really helps me. Is there a way for me to not allow it to change that one word? I tried contacting Microsoft, but cannot get the right number, let alone get through.

Here was my response:

1. In Word, open the Preferences window.
2. Select the AutoCorrect icon.

3. Look for the subheader titled, Replace text as you type.
4. Select the Exceptions button.
5. Click the Other Corrections tab.
6. In the subsection titled, “Don’t correct,” enter the client’s name, then click the Add button.


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