Installing Firmware 1.2.0 update for Drobo FS Causes Problems

Earlier today I was prompted to install the Firmware 1.2.0 update for the Drobo FS that I use as a network backup system. While the firmware installation completed without error, it had the unfortunate side effect of removing the device’s admin name and password that prevents me from performing normal administrative functions like setting share points and unmounting the device. To turn off the Drobo, I have to press the power button, as the shutdown button in Drobo Dashboard no longer works. If you have a Drobo FS, I strongly recommend that you don’t install the 1.2.0 Firmware update.

Drobo Dashboard could not unmount this share. Please make sure you that you are not using any files on this share and try again.

Dashboard was unable to change the Drobo preferences. Please exit/restart Drobo Dashboard and try again.




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7 responses to “Installing Firmware 1.2.0 update for Drobo FS Causes Problems

  1. Chris Essex-Hill

    An absolute life-saver. Thanks for all the above blogs.

    Only additional bit of information to offer from the Drobo site is as follows:

    If the firmware fails to install or is greyed out when you try to select the .tdz file… Drag the .tdz file to the desktop, rename .tdx to .zip. Then open the zip file. This will give you a .tdf file. Try selecting this as the firmware update and you’ll be laughing.

    I’m rapidly running out of patience with this Drobo… way too much bother frankly!

    Thanks for the blog though!

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