Levelator won’t start – permission denied

Levelator® is a handy utility for Mac, Windows, and Linux users that provides a quick way to adjust audio levels to smooth out volume variations that can occur in recorded interviews involving multiple speakers.

I hadn’t used my copy of Levelator 2.1.1 for a while, and was greeted by a permissions denied error when I attempted to launch the program.

To fix the problem, I repaired file and folder permissions using Disk Utility, retrieved the Levelator installer from my backup folder (click here to download from the developer’s site), trashed the old program stored in the Applications folder, then reinstalled the software. Afterward, Levelator opened without difficulty.



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2 responses to “Levelator won’t start – permission denied

  1. Thanks for the tip. I just ran into this issue and found another way around it. You can modify permissions on the “level” command in the ~/Applications/Levelator.app/Contents/Resources/osx/ folder. I ran sudo chmod 751 level and it did the trick! No reinstallation.

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