After upgrading to OS X 10.5, Epson scanner stops working

From today’s mail bag:

I have an Epson Perfection 3170 Photo scanner that was working fine when I was running Tiger 10.4 on my G5. For some reason my scanner won’t initiate scanning after I upgraded to Leopard. It says “Epson scanner cannot be started.” I also get this error message in a popup window:

I downloaded and installed what I thought were the correct drivers from the Epson website. However, they don’t seem to work. I tried connecting the scanner to my MacBook Pro and I received the same error message that I got on the G5. What can I do?


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  1. admin

    Using this archived web post as a guide, I resolved the customer’s scanner issue.

    Epson Expression 1600 not working?!?!?

    My customer had noticed that his Epson software was always able to talk with and “see” the attached USB scanner in the control panel. It’s just when he clicked on the Preview button that he encountered the persistent error message.

    After arriving at my client’s office, I first checked the Console logs but didn’t find anything there that was helpful. I opened Image Capture and successfully scanned a test image using that program. I then opened Photoshop (client has CS2) and tried to scan the same image. No joy. Received the same error message that my customer reported.

    I created a test admin account and logged on to the G5 as that account. I repeated my success using Image Capture to scan a document. Figuring that Epson’s TWAIN drivers conflicted with the TWAIN plugin that Photoshop uses, I opened a Finder window to navigate to Applications>Adobe Photoshop CS2>Plug-ins>Import/Export.

    With Photoshop not running, I temporarily moved Photoshop’s TWAIN.plugin to the desktop. I opened Photoshop to reinitialize the Photoshop preference list file. Since I had deactivated the TWAIN plugin that Photoshop needs, I wasn’t surprised or worried that I couldn’t scan any images using that program. I immediately quit Photoshop and restored the plugin to Photoshop’s Import/Export folder. I restarted Photoshop and tested the scanner function. It worked fine. I quit Photoshop and launched the Epson scannner program from the Dock. The test scan worked fine.

    I quit out of the test account and launched the user’s account. I repeated the success I had in scanning documents using both Photoshop and the Epson program.

    Case closed!

    Customer is thrilled that he doesn’t have to buy another scanner!

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