Increasing font size of QuickBooks check register printout

I ran into a case recently where I couldn’t find a menu option that allows a QuickBooks Pro for 2007 user to increase the font size of her bank registry printout of recent checks and deposits. My customer is a senior citizen who is visually handicapped after having surgery performed on both her eyes. She complained that the body text in the printout is way too small (8 pt) for her to read comfortably and that this change occurred after she upgraded her now dead Apple CRT display for a new 22″ Viewsonic LCD monitor.

In reviewing her problem, I noticed that QuickBooks Pro for Mac provides tools for changing the default font size of standard reports (e.g., Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, etc.). The Intuit discussion board also contained message threads relevant to QuickBooks for Windows users who could resolve the register printout problem by modifying the qbw.ini file. Neither solution was relevant to the situation that my client wanted to resolve.

I checked the Display Preference setting and noted that the screen resolution was set at the highest level (1920×1080) supported by the Viewsonic monitor and the Mac’s graphics card. I reduced the resolution by a couple of levels and tried printing the bank register from the File menu. Same result. Font size was still too small. I then dropped the screen resolution all the way down to 848×480 pixels and changed the print mode from portrait to landscape. VoilĂ ! Success! The report displayed text at a large enough font size that was acceptable to my client.



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3 responses to “Increasing font size of QuickBooks check register printout

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  2. I wanted to have learn more on how I can possibly change the certain features of quick books and customize it with the way I wanted it to be.

    • admin

      Zeanne, can you provide a couple of examples of QuickBooks features you’d like to customize? Say, your top 2 or 3 choices?

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