Hard drive doesn’t mount on a PowerPC Mac

From today’s mail bag:

I have an external Seagate 7200rpm fw800 drive that is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) that I formatted on my 17″ MBP about a month ago. When I tried to connect it to my 1 GHz PowerBook today I got the dreaded error message, “There are no volumes on this drive that MacOS recognizes.”

I hooked it back up to to the MBP and it works great. Whew. The PB recognizes the Lacie drive I formatted on it about two years ago, so the fw bus is working fine. Any ideas?

Your PowerBook is a PowerPC computer and is designed to recognize drives formatted for a different and older disk partitioning scheme called Apple Partition Map (usually abbreviated as APM). By default, your MacBook Pro formats drives using a newer partition scheme known as GUID.

In order to use your Seagate device on both computers, start up Disk Utility on your PowerBook and format the drive as Apple Partition Map (APM). Your MacBook Pro is capable of storing files on (but not booting from) APM-formatted drives.

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  2. Nonetheless, sooner or later there will be someone who buys it for their G3 iMac and posts a negative review because it doesn’t support PowerPC. External Hard Drives Wholesale

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