Acrobat Pro 9 is missing after CS5 upgrade

From today’s mail bag:

I’ve just discovered that Acrobat Professional 9 is no longer on my Macbook since my upgrade from CS4 to CS5. I looked at the Design Standard CD and didn’t see Acrobat listed in the content section where InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are shown. Am I missing something? Should I get Acrobat back by installing it from the CS4 CD and do a custom install? What would you advise?

While CS4 does include Acrobat Pro 9, if you use the CS4 installer, you might create a problem because it may try to install CS4 components on top of your existing CS5 system.

Your safest route is to use the Acrobat 9 installer that should have been included in CS5 on a separate DVD. The Acrobat installer requires a different serial number than CS5.

References (articles also apply to CS5 Design Standard)
CS5 Design Premium release notes
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Comparison Chart
Acrobat Error after installing CS5 Design Premium



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2 responses to “Acrobat Pro 9 is missing after CS5 upgrade

  1. john

    It’s missing from my mac and pc cs5 design premium installations also.

  2. Install the acrobat again because of the different version..

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